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What's On

We have a busy calendar of events with a mixture of informal socials where members can network, reading sessions with active feedback, themed nights, industry talks and much more! We will also be working towards a second anthology of short stories, a poetry project and maybe even some podcasts. Have a look at what's coming up...


  Next Meeting -      19th January     

19th January- Virtual meeting via Zoom!

In these unusual times we are still keeping up the writerly chat with virtual meetings on Zoom. The next of these will be Tuesday 19th January, at 7.30pm.

It's our first meeting for a while so will be a general catch-up and an opportunity to wave at some friendly faces. If you need to request login details, drop us a line and these will be emailed to you. 


Our meetings offer a wide variety of different opportunities to write and discuss writing.

Social with Readings and Active Feedback is a typical meeting, where we have a chat, share any news and a few members are invited to read a piece for the group to enjoy and comment on. There’s no pressure to read if you’re feeling shy, but we’re a very welcoming bunch!


We have also held a range of themed evenings, some of which will definitely make a repeat appearance! These include:

Haiku Night to celebrate these small but perfectly formed gems, held several times a year.

Fanfic Fest celebrating the convention (or unconvention!) of Fan Fiction. Writing a new adventure for your favourite character or giving a classic tale an unexpected twist!

In-depth feedback evenings where we give one lucky volunteer detailed practical feedback on their current work in progress.


Humorous Interludes where we try our hand at comedy and satire.

Annual General Meeting once a year to take stock of progress and plan ahead.

KUTA (Kick Up The Arse) Night to help combat writers’ block or the dreaded procrastination.

Blogging Special detailing the hows and whys of an online presence.

Fairytales & Fables inspire all writing forms to create Happy Ever Afters or as Grimm as you please!


Fright Night takes place every Hallowe’en where all manner of ghostly goings-on chill the blood!

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