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New members are accepted subject to the approval of the Committee and payment of a membership fee - currently £15 per year for full members. This gives access to all meetings, talks and Collective resources. Prospective members, who must be over 18, are invited to attend a meeting or talk before deciding to join. 

All members are asked to read the IWC constitution (download        ) to facilitate the meeting of our Collective objectives. 

To find out how to become a full member, associate member or honorary member, contact us for details. Please download the Membership form and Bye-laws here

Our Committee

The Collective is managed by a Committee selected by full members at the Annual General Meeting. The current Committee is comprised of:

Sarah Bailey  - Chair

Katrina Flett Ray - Membership Secretary

Pauline Uyterwijk - Secretary

Justin Richardson - Treasurer

Richard Crosfield

David Hensley

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