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Our Publications

Each year we publish a collection of short stories, both in print and as an e-book. This project is overseen by our Editor, who is responsible for selecting a theme and determining the word count, as well as moderating the quality of the contents. Support in reading submissions may also come from other members of the Collective. 

We look forward to publishing other collections of work by members, producing podcasts, and also welcome suggestions for any other publishing projects. 

Irregular Stories.png

Our anthology Irregular Stories features a diverse collection of tales, with something for everyone. Launched on 6th December, it is also available to buy online. Enjoy!

Click here to purchase a paper copy or download the ebook here

Books by some of our members

Irregular Stories
Masks and Other Stories from Colombi
Revolution #1
Making Friends With The Crocodile

Your Publications

The Collective recognises the important role that publicity plays in getting new titles out into the public domain. Every member is encouraged to use their own website and social media platforms to promote work produced by those in the group. Any member can propose that their work be promoted on the IWC website. 

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